Assoc Prof. Pat Silcock

Product Development Research Centre, University of Otago

As a specialist food scientist, Pat has an expert understanding of how the many different components of foods interact and contribute to the final product. As Manager of the Product Development Research Centre, Pat provides professional consulting services for food companies on both technical and food safety issues. His specialties are food and flavour chemistry and new product development. His research interests include factors influencing flavour perception and flavour generation.


Dr John Monro

Principal Scientist, New Zealand Institute for Plant & Food Research

Dr Monro's recent research and publications have been principally on the glycaemic impact of available carbohydrates in the diet, its modulation by other food components and food structure, how to measure it in a physiologically valid way, and how to communicate its effects to consumers so as to guide healthier food choices. He has also researched and published on the properties of dietary non-starch polysaccharides and their relationship to health outcomes. Dr Monro is a frequent speaker at conferences and workshops in his areas of expertise, and has served in national and international advisory groups on carbohydrates, dietary fibre and health.


Prof. Neil Mann

Professor of Human Nutrition, University of Melbourne

Neil Mann currently holds the position of Professor of Human Nutrition in the School of Agriculture and Food Science, Faculty of Veterinary and Agricultural Science at the University of Melbourne.

Having previously held the position of Professor of Nutritional Biochemistry and head of Food and Nutrition Science at RMIT University for many years, Neil has over 30 years' experience in nutrition research, co-ordinating projects in the areas of long-chain fatty acids, obesity, diabetes, hunter-gather diets and aspects of metabolic syndrome.

Professor Mann has provided his diverse expertise to the roles within the Nutrition Society of Australia (NSA) as founder and chair of the Nutrition Registration Committee and Professional Affairs Committee, Trustee of Asia Pacific Region International Life Sciences Institute (ILSI) for six years and scientific director of the International Diabetes Institute - Food GI testing program for five years. He was also a Visiting Research Fellow at Oxford University, School of Anthropology for three years researching human diet history and co-authoring a scientific text on the subject (Evolving Human Nutrition: Implications for Public Health: Ulijaszek, Mann & Elton, CUP 2012). He has authored of over 80 refereed research papers in high impact factor international nutrition and medical journals, and more than 100 national and international conference proceedings.


Sweet Bites Editor

Nicole Senior

Nutritionist, Sydney

Nicole is an accredited Nutritionist, author, speaker, cook and food enthusiast with an interest in turning evidence based nutrition guidelines into simple, achievable, responsible and enjoyable everyday eating advice.

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