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ABC 4 Corners episode on obesity and the sugar tax

The Australian national broadcaster’s flagship current affairs program 4 Corners has weighed in to the sugar debate with their program, Tipping the scales that aired on Monday April 30.

The program is highly critical of the influence of the food industry on national health policy, and specifically on the continued resistance to a sugar tax as an example of government policy paralysis on obesity. Several speakers said obesity is a complex issue that requires complex solutions, but comments were often overshadowed by ‘sugar as poison’ rhetoric.

Of particular interest to dietitians, the program reported dietitians complaints about a Tasmanian orthopaedic surgeon prescribing low-carb diets to his patients, however it misleadingly portrays dietitians complaining about him prescribing low-sugar diets; a difference obvious to nutrition professionals but not the general viewing public.

In the public conversations since, the chorus of sensible voices are asking for a national obesity strategy. You can catch up on the program here.


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