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Next stage of Australian Dietary Guidelines Review announced

The process of reviewing the Australian Dietary Guidelines has swung back into motion. After stakeholder surveys, some literature searches and a review of international food-based guidelines, the Expert Committee has now identified priority topics and research questions based on the following:

  • impact on public health and wellbeing,
  • likelihood that the evidence base has changed since the last Guidelines in 2013 to change recommendations,
  • related to whole foods, food groups or dietary patterns.

Very high priority research

Intake/exposure and health outcomes for:

  • dietary patterns relevant at a population level,
  • animal vs plant sources of protein,
  • high vs low/no intake of ultra-processed foods.

High priority research

Intake/exposure and health outcomes for:

  • meal patterns (frequency of eating),
  • red vs white meat intake,
  • high vs low/no intake legumes/pulses.

Contextual factors and consumption aligned with guidelines, including:

  • eating environment/context (e.g. family meals, use of technology during mealtimes, school/workplace/community factors),
  • food literacy skills,
  • food security.

Intake of added sugar and health outcomes was identified as moderate priority, and total sugars as low priority.

What about environmental sustainability?

Of note is the statement that although food sustainability is identified as a very high priority, it will be addressed via a separate process.

The NHMRC has invited the public to submit systematic reviews that meet specified eligibility criteria on very high priority and priority research topics.

Find out more about the Australian Dietary Guidelines Review here.

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